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Alternative-Hawaii Beach Guide to the Kau District of the Big Island of Hawaii  

Big Island Beaches:
A Sampler

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Kau District
(See also Lifeguard Safety Tips & Big Island Camping)

Call National Weather Service 961-5582 for Weather Forecast & 935-9883 for Marine Forecast.
As lifeguard services may vary, call the County of Hawaii at 961-8694 for current coverage.

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©Carole Kaluna-Apple

From the Hawaii Belt Road, follow the secondary cinder road called Road to the Sea 7 miles to the ocean.

A remote, wilderness site with two black sand beaches. An excellent place for beachcombing, fishing and hiking. Strong currents and high surf occur at all times of the year.

©Garrett Leahy

Take South Point Road approximately 11 miles to Boat Ramp at South Point. The beach is 2-1/2 miles east of ramp. Vehicle access by 4-wheel drive only.

The most famous of the olivine (green crystal) beaches of the Kau district. Frequented during calm periods by swimmers, bodysurfers, and divers. Powerful shorebreak and rip currents during periods of high surf.

©Ann Cecil

Take Hwy 11 toward Hilo to just past Mile Marker 56. Take road to beach.

One of the most famous black sand beaches on the island of Hawaii - situated at the head of a small bay - a source of fresh water bubbles up from the ocean bottom. Home to many endangered Green Sea turtles.

Parking, restrooms, showers, picnic tables, pavilion, camping.

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