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Alternative-Hawaii Beach Guide to North Shore Kauai  

Kauai Beaches:
A Sampler

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North Shore (Part 2)
(See also Lifeguard Safety Tips, Kauai Drive Guide, Kauai Camping)

Call National Weather Service 245-6001 for Weather Forecast & 245-3564 for Marine Forecast.
As lifeguard services may vary, call the County of Kauai at 241-6506 for current coverage.

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©Ann Cecil
Stretching from the mouth of the Hanalei River in the east to Waikoko Reef in the west.

A semicircular bay, the largest on Kauai. A 2-mile long crescent of sand containing many beach parks. Considered the finest beach in the Islands.

©Ann Cecil
Located on the westernmost section of Hanalei Bay off Kuhio Hwy (Hwy 56).

Fronted by Waikoko Reef, a protected beach popular with families with children at all times, but particularly during the winter and spring months (the high surf season).

©Ann Cecil
Located on the shore of Hanalei Bay at the end of either Hee Road or Amaama Road off Kuhio Highway (Hwy 56).

The mid-point of Hanalei Bay's 2-mile-long beach. Home to Pine Trees, a popular spot among expert surfers - the major contest site on the North Shore of Kauai. Dangerous water conditions during periods of high surf.


©Ann Cecil

Located on Weke Road between Pilikoa and Aku Roads.

A popular picnicking and shorebreak surfing site at the midpoint of Hanalei Bay. High surf during the winter and spring generates dangerous water conditions.

Pavilion, restrooms, showers, picnic tables, BBQ grills, lifeguards.

On to North Shore - Part 3

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