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Alternative-Hawaii Beach Guide to East Molokai  

Molokai Beaches:
A Sampler

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East End
(See also Molokai Camping)

  • Call National Weather Service 877-5111 for Weather & 877-3477 for Marine Forecast.
  • Molokai offers a wide variety of ocean activities. However, there are no lifeguards on Molokai and some of its most beautiful beaches are remote and treacherous (especially during winter months). Exercise EXTREME caution before entering the water. When in Doubt, Just Stay Out!
  • See Common Hazardous Beach and Ocean Conditions that apply to all Hawaiian beaches.
  • For more information on Molokai beaches, call Molokai Visitors Association at (808) 553-3876.
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Courtesy: Honolulu Zoo
Located on Kamehameha V Hwy (Hwy 450), 2 miles east of One Alii Beach

A pretty 42-acre beach park and site of the Kakahaia National Wildlife Refuge - home to two endangered Hawaiian seabirds - the Hawaiian Stilt and the Hawaiian Coot. Not a swimming beach.

Picnic tables.

©Elizabeth Jackson
Located just before Mile Marker 19 going east on Kamehameha V Hwy (Hwy 450), at Waialua Village

One of the best beaches on the island for swimming, snorkeling, and beginner surfing.


©Ann Cecil
Located at Mile Marker 20 on Kamehameha V Hwy (Hwy 450)

The main beach on the east side of the island - a strand of white sand with a protected lagoon. Safe swimming for children when water is calm. Popular fishing & snorkel spot. Nearby Rocky Point is a surfing site.

Pavilions, picnic tables, BBQ grills.

©Ann Cecil
Located at the end of Kamehameha V Hwy (Hwy 450)

Halawa Bay - a gently arching haven. Great for sunbathing and picnics. Good fishing. Not good for swimming - the water is usually murky and hazardous with currents and high surf all year round. Popular surfing spot.

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