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Historic Hawaii
Island of Kauai

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South between the West Side and Lihue-Kalapaki. The sunniest side of Kauai - former "playground" of Hawaii's royalty. Blessed by many beaches and spectacular snorkeling sites.

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You are invited to visit the traditional Hawaiian religious sites listed in this website. However, you are asked to remember that these are religious sites which are still sacred to the Hawaiian people. As historic sites, these places are also fragile and subject to damage and collapse. Please visit with respect and care for these important places.

  • View the heiau from the exterior. Please do not climb on or over the rock walls. The stacked roof is unstable and may collapse.
  • It is unlawful to take, excavate, destroy, or alter any historic site on state land. Any person who violates this law is subject to a fine of $10,000 (HRS Chapter 6E-11)
  • Wrapping a rock in a ti leaf is not a traditional offering. This damages the plants and the integrity of the heiau structure.
  • Offerings of coins, candles, incense and similar items cause long-term damage.

The historic sites of Hawaii are unique resources that are fragile and cannot be replaced. Please help us protect Hawaii's past for the future.

Located midway between Koloa and Poipu
(South Shore)
Tel. (808) 742-1955
Marking the spot where in 1841 the first Roman Catholic mission was permitted in the islands.

To reach Mahaulepu from Poipu, take Poipu Road to the Hyatt Regency Kauai. Continue on Poipu Road (which becomes a private unpaved dirt road) approx. 3/4 mile beyond the hotel to a Stop Sign. Turn right at the Stop Sign and continue about another 3/4 mile to a dirt parking lot. Turn left at the parking lot and go to a second, shadier parking lot. Note: Beach access along the private dirt road is restricted to daylight hours.
(South Shore)
Two miles of some of the most beautiful shoreline on Kauai's south shore. An area of great scientific importance to archaeologists, biologists, and geologists. The Mahaulepu shoreline is the last significant undeveloped shoreline near the popular centers of the island. A very important ocean wilderness. Petroglyphs occasionally visible depending upon tidal action. Popular windsurfing, swimming, beachcombing and shoreline fishing area. Daylight access only. No food or water.

Located about one mile before Spouting Horn on Lawai Road, Poipu (near Prince Kuhio Resort).
(South Shore)
A privately owned approximately 3-acre historic park containing the impressive Hoai Heiau, an ancient fishpond, and the Prince Kuhio Monument commemorating the birthplace of Prince Jonah Kuhio Kalanianaole, the last royally designated heir to the Hawaiian throne. Open to the public.

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