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(Northwest Lanai)
Located along Polihua Road at far edge of the Kanepuu Preserve, approx. 6 miles northwest of Lanai City, on the island's western plateau.
Multicolored rocks and giant boulders dominate this eerily beautiful but desolate area. At sunset, the brick-red earth is washed with a spectrum of desert colors. A fantastic area of ancient cataclysm - a fantasia of otherworldly landscapes - an assault on your senses - a haunting beauty.

(Northwestern Lanai)
Located beyond the Garden of the Gods, the 4-WD Kaena Road descends towards the island's most westerly point - land's end.
Expanses of luminescent pili grass and canyons sculpted of red earth. Site of Lanai's largest heiau, Kaenaiki. Between 1837 and 1843, a penal colony for adulterous (and astonished) Hawaiian women.

(West Coast)
Directions: From Lanai City take the Kaumalapau Highway (Rte. 440) approx. 6 miles to the end of the road.
Lanai's only inter island shipping terminal. The wharf is a popular shoreline fishing spot and the Harbor's crystal clear waters attracts a few swimmers. A scenic overlook affords dramatic views of the sea, high bluffs, and the jagged 1,000 foot cliffs that surround the harbor.

PUU PEHE (Sweetheart Rock)
(South Coast)
Reached by following the shoreline from the left side of Hulopoe Beach.
A large cove lined with a white sand beach. A sea stack known as Sweetheart Rock lies offshore. According to legend, Puu Pehe, a young girl, drowned in a sea cave. Her lover, with help from the Gods, carried her body to the summit and buried her beneath the ruins of what is believed to be an ancient bird shrine. The cove's very clear waters contain an abundance of marine life affording excellent swimming and snorkeling.

(Central Lanai)
First introduced in the late 19th century, the Norfolk Island and Cook Island Pines have become characteristic symbols of Lanai.

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