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Special Places
on Oahu

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Honolulu (Part 4)


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©Ann Cecil

Site of the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific. Approximately 35,000 grave sites of WWII, Korea and Vietnam dead.

©Oahu Nature Tours

A beautiful rain forest flourishes in the Tantalus area above Punchbowl. Hiking trails, breathtaking ocean and mountain views.

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©Ann Cecil

Premier Mount Tantalus view - a breathtaking 230-degree vista of Honolulu (from Diamond Head to Pearl Harbor).

troom.jpg - 2.81 K WAIOLI TEA ROOM

Location of the "Little Grass House" - author Robert Louis Stevenson's hidewaway.

©Ann Cecil

Deep within the lush green of Manoa valley lies a cool and tranquil oasis containing botanical treasures from around the world - over 7,500 plant species on more than 193 acres - including major native collections.

Feature Article

bmg0081.jpg - 3.96 K UNIVERSITY OF HAWAII - MANOA

The tropical Manoa campus houses the East-West Center - where nations from Asia and the Pacific present fascinating displays of their homelands.

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