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Special Places
on Kauai

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East Side (Part 1)


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The Coconut Coast - a culturally, spiritually and historically significant area at the mouth of the Wailua River. Home to the former Coco Palms Resort and its 2,000 tree coconut grove, the largest in Hawaii.

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Developed as an outdoor nature classroom that illustrates the benefits of forest management, including both native and introduced tree species.

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The watershed of Kauai and the fountainhead of all 7 major rivers of the island. The wettest spot on earth with an average annual rainfall of more than 451 inches. The twin peaks of Waialeale (5,148 ft.) and Kawaikini (5,243 ft.) are the two highest points on Kauai.

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Beautiful twin falls that tumble 80 feet over a severe cliff into a large round pool.

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A huge rock amphitheater - a natural cathedral - located on the Wailua River - a tourist institution.

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