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Special Places
on Molokai

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Central Molokai


sugarm.jpg - 3442 Bytes
©Ann Cecil

Built in 1878, this restored mill, in functioning order, shows the stages of creating sugar from cane.

rock.jpg - 4.07 K PALAAU STATE PARK

Best camping on Molokai. Site of the Phallic Rock - a natural shrine in the shape of an erect penis pointing skyward where island women came to pray for fertility.

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©Ann Cecil

Magnificent view of Kalaupapa Peninsula, home to Native Hawaiians for hundreds of years until their forced removal in 1865 and 1895 and replacement by the Hansen's disease isolation settlements for the lost lepers of Hawaii.


falls2.jpg - 3.80 K WAIKOLU OVERLOOK

Peer down into a pristine valley 3,700 feet below - where hundreds of waterfalls fall to the green jungle.

mol4.jpg - 3.90 K KAMAKOU PRESERVE

A unique forest area, home to endangered Hawaiian birds and 250 species of Hawaiian plants and ferns.

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