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Special Places
on Molokai

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West Molokai (Part 1)


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Favorite with local people who come here to swim, fish and surf. Three miles of shoreline encompassing a huge crescent bay, accessible by dirt road only - not recommended for rental cars.

mol5.jpg - 4.52 K MOOMOMI PRESERVE

A miniature desert of sand dunes - a totally deserted vast wasteland. Named Keonalele (the flying sand) by the Hawaiians. Entrance to this preserve by vehicle requires a permit and key deposit from the Molokai Nature Conservancy. Hikes are organized by the Nature Conservancy on a monthly basis.

mosurf.jpg - 2.67 K KAWAKIU BEACH

A secluded and pristine beach in the far northwestern corner of the island - noted for many archaeological sites - only accessible by foot or four-wheel drive vehicles. Safe for swimming when the ocean is calm (usually during summer) - very dangerous at other times.

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Acres of ornamental pineapples on the way to Maunaloa.

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Known locally as Dixie Maru Beach after a Japanese fishing boat was wrecked offshore in the early 1920s. Good snorkeling if sea is calm.

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