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Island Tom Tom Clements:     Site Content

a.k.a. "Island Tom" Originally an academic publishing executive from the continental USA, Tom, a member of Mensa, has been a resident of the Hawaiian Islands for many moons. He is co-author, with his wife Laine, of the Be Your Own Tour Guide books - the publications that have enabled thousands of visitors to safely and affordably discover Hawaii's Hawaii. A former Maui high school social studies teacher with M.A.'s in both American Studies and Education, Tom now devotes his time to mentoring this site, writing poetry, maintaining an extensive wardrobe of three bathing suits (two for swimming and snorkeling - one for formal occasions), and providing expert guide services as a certified Hawaii Heritage Guide.

Laine Clements:    Site Design

In Loving Memory
Laine Clements

Having been everywhere & done everything,
hers was a life fulfilled,
Laine was constantly re-inventing herself.
She considered life a journey, not a destination.
Her never ending journey continues,
shedding her light and creative energies
into the darkness of the universe.
She saw Hawaii as the center
of a new beginning- the center of the world -
a life sustaining society.
Her vision will carry us forward.

She is the wind beneath our wings.

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