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Island Tom Recommends

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Videos & Dvds About Hawaii
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Secrets of Hawaii's National Parks

Unearth the mystery, uncover scientific evidence and explore the cultural significance of two of Hawaii's most awesome natural wonders. Hawaii Volcanoes National Park and Haleakala National Park. Scientific facts, cultural and historical context complement glowing landscape imagery in this amazing chronicle of Hawaii's past, present and future. (DVD: $25.99)

Hawaii Underwater
Hawaii Underwater

The message is one of conservation and appreciation of Hawaii's magnificent underwater world. The Waikiki Aquarium approved the technical aspects of the script and assisted in the identification of over 60 animals and fish that are identified by their common names. (Video: $19.95)

Hawaii's Humpbacks: Pacific Voyagers

Enter the magical world of the humpback whale - from a baby humpback's vulnerable first few days of life, to the rich feeding grounds of Southeastern Alaska, to mighty males waging titanic courtship battles in the cobalt waters of Hawaii. Also available in Japanese. (DVD: $19.95)

Video Postcard of Oahu

A rich interactive movie documentary that takes the viewer on an exciting journey throughout the island of Oahu. (DVD: $12.95)

Keiki Hula Competition

The Keiki Hula Competition has been held every year since 1976 in commemoration of Queen Liliuokalani, the last reigning monarch of Hawaii. As many as five hundred children compete in this special event to bring together skill, talent, grace, and outstanding performances. A true legacy of Hawaiian culture, and a beautiful dance...the art form of hula. (DVD: $30.95)

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