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(as at May 22, 2006)
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Requirements regarding camping in Hawaii vary by jurisdiction, island, campsite, and facilities. Lanai is a privately owned island and campsites are available only through Castle & Cooke Resorts (see below). Note: Camping information is subject to change without notice. Please contact Castle & Cooke Resorts for current information.

P. O. Box 630310
Lanai City, HI 96763
Tel. (808) 565-2970 for permits and reservations
The campground is located approximately 7 miles from Lanai City. There are no other stores nearby and no bus service to the campground. Rental cars on Lanai cost a minimum of $100 per day. Taxi service from Lanai City to the campground is available on a pre-arranged basis and costs $10 per person one-way. (Public phones are available at the campground.)
Six campsites located 150 yards off beautiful Hulopoe Bay. Swimming, excellent snorkeling - underwater marine park, dolphins often seen offshore. Restrooms, outdoor showers , grills, picnic tables, and drinking water. Tent camping only (cabins are not available). Permits are required - please contact the above office for permits and reservations. (Applicants for permits must be age 18 or older. It is recommended that reservations be made at least 2 to 3 weeks in advance of camping trip.) Rates: $5 per person per night plus one-time permit fee of $20.00. Max. stay 3 nights (4 days).

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