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Alternative-Hawaii Beach Guide to East Coast Lanai  

Lanai Beaches:
A Sampler

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East Coast
(See also Lanai Camping)

  • Call National Weather Service 877-5111 for Weather & 877-3477 for Marine Forecast.
  • Lanai offers a wide variety of ocean activities. However, there are no lifeguards on Lanai and some of its most beautiful beaches are remote and treacherous (especially during winter months). Exercise EXTREME caution before entering the water. When in Doubt, Just Stay Out!
  • See Common Hazardous Beach and Ocean Conditions that apply to all Hawaiian beaches.
  • For more information on Lanai beaches, please contact Destination Lanai at (808) 565-7600.
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©Ann Cecil
At the end of Keomuku Road (Rte. 430). 4-WD access only.

Over six miles of narrow detrital (fragmented rock) sand. One of the longest stretches of fringing reef in Hawaii. Ruins of two ancient Hawaiian fishponds. An area frequented by fishermen, beachcombers, and shoreline seabirds.

©Ann Cecil
Accessible by 4-WD vehicles on the Kikoa Point Trail.

About a mile long, one of the nicest beaches on the northeastern side of the island. Ideal for strolling and sunbathing but not recommended for swimming.

©Ann Cecil

Accessible from several 4-WD vehicle trails branching off the Keomuku Road (Hwy 430).

A long white sand beach with safe swimming when waters are calm. Secluded and pristine. Famous for its ancient Hawaiian fishpond, Loko Lopa.

©Ann Cecil

Take Keomuku Road (Rte. 430) from Lanai City. At the end of the paved portion a dirt road branches right along the coast ending at Naha. 4-WD access only.

Site of a former fishing village and ancient Hawaiian fishpond. A narrow beach overhung with Kiawe trees - frequented by fishermen. Naha Trail paved by Hawaiians more than a century ago leads to an old village site. Legend and history live side by side at Naha.

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