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Alternative-Hawaii Guide to Beaches on the Island of Oahu  


(See also a Hawaii Beaches Pictorial)
Oahu District Map North Shore Southeast Oahu Leeward Oahu Southwest Oahu Honolulu and Waikiki Windward Oahu
Map ©Alternative-Hawaii
(Only districts with beaches clickable)
North Shore (Part 1)

North Shore (Part 2)

Windward (Part 1)

Windward (Part 2)

Southeast Oahu

Honolulu & Waikiki

Southwest Oahu

Leeward Oahu

Note: Hawaii's beaches are beautiful but often treacherous. To familiarize yourself on potential hazards before visiting Hawaii, please see the Hawaii Lifeguards' site for Common Hazardous Beach and Ocean Conditions. When visiting a beach, please heed the following Basic Ocean Safety Tips provided by the lifeguards:
  • Swim in Lifeguarded Areas
  • Ask a Lifeguard About Beach and Surf Conditions Before Swimming
  • Never Swim Alone & Always Watch Your Children
  • Don't Dive Into Unknown Water or Into Shallow Breaking Waves
  • If You Are Unable to Swim Out of a Strong Current, Signal for Help
  • Rely on Your Swimming Ability Rather Than a Flotation Device
  • Look For, Read and Obey All Beach Safety Signs and Symbols
  • If In Doubt, Just Stay out!
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