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Exploring Lost Hawaii

Places of Power, History, Mystery & Magic

Written & Illustrated by Ellie and William Crowe

Exploring Lost Hawaii takes the reader on an intriguing pilgrimage into Hawaii's past. It skillfully weaves a collection of stories that are both beautiful yet dark, mysterious and supernatural, and always fascinating. In Exploring Lost Hawaii, Ellie Crowe and William Crowe have created a unique and informative guidebook that provides a tour of Hawaii never seen by most visitors - and even many locals. Covering all of the major Hawaiian Islands, this book takes an unexpected route away from that of the traditional guidebook. The result is a journey into the lands of the Hawaii of old - places of powerful alii, wise kahuna, sacred heiau, and mysterious menehune. Sites of historical and cultural significance on each island are described in detail, and directions are given to each site. Exploring Lost Hawaii will take you on a journey through a Hawaii that will not be easily forgotten.

Excerpts from Columnist Bob Krauss' Review Honolulu Advertiser, Saturday April 28, 2001

"...a laudable purpose, introducing visitors to Hawaiian culture by viewing ancient sites...A good deal of research went into this book, and Ellie Crowe cites her sources. In addition, she adds her personal experiences at the sites, or that of someone who lives nearby. It's an effective technique that bridges the gap between ancient culture and today. William Crowe consistently finds a way with light and perspective to take dramatic photos of heiau ruins, healing stones and bare lava carved with petroglyphs. This isn't easy."

About the Writer & Photographer
Ellie and William Crowe have explored every continent and lived in Australia, South Africa, and the U.S.A. Islands are their favorite places. For the last twelve years they have traveled the Hawaiian Islands and read extensively about Hawaii's history and legends. They are members of the Hawaiian Historical Society.

Their work is featured in both the Travel Channel's "Places of Mystery" series and the History Channel's "Haunted Hawaii" series. The authors have three children and live in Honolulu, Hawaii.

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ISBN 0-9712885-0-X
Co-publisher: Regent Music & Book Publishing - special edition 2002

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